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Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Usage

The primary purpose of the Montauk Library's Meeting Room is to serve as a venue for Library sponsored services, programs and activities, which shall have priority over all other activities. Recognizing that libraries serve as limited public forums, the Library reserves the right to use the criteria of the appropriateness of time, place and manner when determining access to community rooms. Permission to use the Meeting Room may also be granted to community groups, organizations, and individuals whose aims are cultural, educational, and/or civic. Use of the Meeting Room is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, as well as policies promulgated by the Library's Board of Trustees. Preference shall be given to Library District based organizations, and organizations whose membership is primarily composed of Library District residents. Scheduling availability is to be solely determined by the Library. The Library may preempt use of the Meeting Room for Library use by giving three (3) weeks notice to an organization which had previously reserved the room.

All events in the Meeting Room shall be open to the general public.

The meeting room is not to be used for sectarian religious instruction or as a place of religious worship, except to the extent that non-secular subject matter is presented or discussed from a religious viewpoint as is judicially recognized as constitutionally protected free speech. Further, the meeting room may not be used by political parties or representatives of political agenda or candidacy. The room is not to be used for the advancement of commercial or profit making enterprises. The sale of books, cassettes and other items is permitted only for the benefit of the Library. Religious and political groups may be permitted to utilize a Meeting Room when the group's purpose is to express a view point on family/societal values or other similar matters; the Library will not discriminate by excluding a certain group from using the Meeting Room based upon the group's freespeech entitlement to possess a view-point when such utilization does not violate the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution or would support a particular political party seeking to use the Meeting Room for apolitical purposes.

Application for use of the Meeting Room should be made in writing at least one month in advance, using the application form available at the office of the Library Director. The application must be signed by an adult Library District resident. Late applications will be considered on a case by case basis. No application shall be considered officially approved until it is signed by the Library Director or other person designated by the Board of Trustees, and a copy returned to the applicant. Use of the Library facilities by an organization shall not imply endorsement of the beliefs or program of that organization by the Library or anyone connected with the Library. The Library may only be mentioned as a location in any announcements or publicity relating to a Meeting Room event. The Library's telephone number may not be given to obtain information regarding a non-Library sponsored event. The Library assumes no responsibility for publicizing events, but reserves the right to approve all publicity.

Alcoholic beverages will not be served in the building or on the grounds; neither smoking or gambling are permitted. No open flames are allowed (E.H. Fire Code). Light refreshments only may be served.

In fairness to the numerous groups in the community, the Library will not accept reservations for regular weekly evening meetings.

Public Order in Use of Meeting Room

No activity may disrupt Library operations. Responsibility for the maintenance of public order and safety at a meeting is that of the applicant. Activities which include minors must be supervised by a minimum of two (2) responsible adults. Larger groups require a ratio of one (1) adult to ten (10) minors. The Library Director, or designee, is authorized to order the termination of any meeting or activity making use of Library facilities if said activity is in violation of any law or use regulation. The determination by said Library official is final.

The Library Director, or designee, is authorized to call upon appropriate law enforcement agencies to enforce such action if, in the opinion of the Library official, circumstances warrant such action. Further permission to use the Meeting Room may be denied to any group which proves to be disorderly, or violates any law or regulation.

The Meeting room must be left in a neat and orderly fashion. If it is not, a written notice will be given to the applicant stating that a second offense will result in denial of further Meeting Room use. Special furniture arrangement is the responsibility of the applicant, who will also be responsible for either leaving it in place, or taking it down, as directed. No tape is to be used, nor are nails, tacks or adhesives to be used on the Meeting Room walls. Special hooks will be provided by the Library, if needed.

Any damage to the Meeting Room or adjacent areas as a result of the applicant's activities, will be repaired at applicant's expense, and may be considered grounds for withholding permission for future use.


A certificate of insurance must be provided prior to approval of use of the facility. The Library insurance only covers Library and Friends of the Library functions; all other groups must provide their own insurance or be sponsored by an insured organization. The applicant will be responsible for payment of any royalties for the use of any copyrighted materials. The Library is not responsible for the safeguarding or the damage or loss of any supplies, equipment or other items owned by the applicant or by persons attending the applicant's activity. The Library will not store materials for any applicant. The Library is not responsible for receiving materials or shipments sent to the Library for an organization or program.


There shall be no charge for Meeting Room use during the regular hours the Library is open. Use outside the regular hours of operation will incur a charge of $25 per hour, or fraction thereof, that the applicant uses the Meeting Room. This amount is to cover the custodial fees, as the Library must provide a custodian. The charge may be waived under certain circumstances.

No admission fees may be charged by the applicant/user.


The number of persons in the Meeting Room shall not exceed 100.


Outside signs on Library property advertising an event shall be limited to the day of the event, subject to the approval of the Director, and shall be removed promptly after the event. A special bulletin board will be set up inside the upper lobby for display of upcoming Meeting Room events.


In the event the Library must close because of weather or other emergencies, the Director will notify the applicant, who will, in turn, be responsible for notifying those attending of the cancellation. The final and sole interpretation of the policy rests with the Library's Board of Trustees. Implementation and enforcement are delegated to the Library Director.