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Art / Display Policy

The Montauk Library’s Meeting Room is an all purpose room, belonging to the Montauk Community, open to the public for both adult and children’s events; hence, there may be occasion when programs or workshops for both adults and /or children will be utilizing the same space as the art/display during the same period. Easels and standing sculpture, for example, may have to be moved to allow these functions.

The purpose of the Montauk Library’s display facilities is to increase public awareness of the Library’s resources and to support its mission as an educational, informational, cultural and recreational center for the community it serves. Exhibits/displays using these facilities shall promote one or more of these purposes:

A) to promote Montauk Library services, collections or programs
B) to highlight current issues, events or other subjects of public interest
C) to display arts, crafts, photographs, writings or collections when they promote or compliment the mission of the Montauk Library
Applications for displays, along with appropriate illustrated material, must be submitted to the Montauk Library Art Exhibit Advisory Committee for approval. Each exhibitor must execute an exhibit agreement with the Montauk Library prior to display.

The Board of Trustees shall form an Art/Exhibit Advisory Committee charged with screening submitted exhibition materials and recommending proposed Library exhibits. The Committee shall be diverse in terms of subject knowledge, administrative expertise, and with community ties.

The committee shall be appointed by and responsible to the Library Board of Trustees. When a person wants to present an exhibit, he/she must receive (either from the front desk or from a committee member) a packet consisting of the following:

A) a copy of this Art/Exhibit Display policy
B) a floor plan of the lower level designating exhibit areas
C) an application form
D) a release form

After the application is submitted, and all criteria have been met, the chairman of the Art/Exhibit Advisory Committee will notify the applicant of its decision in writing on Library letterhead. A member of the Art Exhibit Advisory Committee or a representative from the Library must be present when an exhibit is being mounted.

The group or individual providing the display must supply any labor and/or equipment (except hooks - see below) necessary to mount the display. Artwork may only be hung from the wooden molding which runs along the walls of the Community Room and Foyer. Special hooks will be provided by the Library for this purpose and must be returned to the Library when the exhibit is removed. Monofilament line is preferred, as wire may scratch walls. Free standing easels, provided by the artist/displayer, may also be used at the entrance of the exhibit to announce the theme and/or artist/displayer’s name. Artwork displayed on pedestals, easels, etc. must be approved by the Art Exhibit Advisory Committee. No tape is to be used, nor are any nails or tacks to be used to hang displays. Labels for exhibited items must be furnished by the artist/exhibitor. Labels must be neat and attractive, not taped on walls or exhibited on cases. Prices may not be included on labels.

The Library is not responsible for the security of the displayed items. All items are understood and acknowledged to be displayed at the exhibitor’s risk. The Montauk Library is relieved of all liability for mutilation or damage or loss of exhibit from any cause whatsoever. Should the exhibitor determine that the display warrants insurance coverage, it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to secure such coverage.

All exhibits must be dismantled and removed promptly at close of the exhibition. The Library will not be responsible for any items not removed.

The Montauk Library assumes no responsibility for publicizing exhibits, but reserves the right to approve all publicity.

The Library’s Board of Trustees shall serve as the final judge of what may be considered appropriate displays.


A reception in conjunction with the exhibit may be considered provided space and time are mutually agreeable between the Library and the artist/exhibitor. Use of Meeting Room Application Form must be submitted in this case.

No sale transactions are allowed on the Library premises, but the artist/exhibitor’s telephone number and a short biographical sketch may be posted. If the telephone number is not posted, the Library will not provide it to the public without permission of the artist/exhibitor.

The committee shall review all applications on a regular basis.

The committee’s recommendations shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

Use of the Display Case
(located in the lobby of the lower level)

Displayed material may be determined by either the library director, the archivist, the executive committee of the Friends or by the Art Exhibit Advisory committee. All displays and the length of time that they are shown must be authorized by the director of the library. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to veto any display.

The director shall hold the keys to the display case and the case shall be locked at all times except when shows are being changed. No shelves may be moved without the permission of the director nor may any tape be used on the shelves.

Any individual other than the director or archivist wishing to display objects in the display case must fill out an Art/Exhibit Display application form and submit it to the director.