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Archives Use of Materials Policy

Anyone looking for archival material may come to the Library and look in the index on the computer. In add to the material in the archival room, there is also information about Montauk in the reference section, which can be accessed from the Library catalog and the vertical file.

When the user determines what is needed from the archival room, an appointment must be arranged with the Library archivist to access the required material. The user will not be allowed to remove material from the archival room.

If copies of the material are requested, the Library archivist will provide them as long as there are no restrictions as to their reproduction. The Library reserves the right to deny photographic reproduction of any images from the archival collection. The user will be charged for any expense involved. If the material is to be used for commercial purposes, an appropriate fee will be charged, and the user must agree to give proper credit to the Library as source for the material used. If the material is published or exhibited, the Library should be informed as to the date of publication, or exhibition, etc. Special consideration regarding fees shall be given to non-profit organizations, community organizations, and individual students doing research which request materials from the archivist.

The user must assume all responsibility pertaining to laws regarding copyright and literary right. If permission to use or copy materials located in the archival room is required from persons or entities other than the Library, it is the user's responsibility to acquire such permission.

All of our images are Montauk Library. All uses are for one time only and rights are not transferable. Photo credit must be given to the Montauk Library including online publication reproductions.

The user must fill out the Access To Archival Collection Form.