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Suggested Reading on Montauk and Long Island

Ayres, A. J.  
 The Legends of Montauk with an Historical Index
Edwin Hunt, 1849                                      
Barnes, Gean Finch  
 Tales of the High Hills
Town of East Hampton, 1975
Bookbinder, Bernie    Long Island: People and Places, Past and Present
Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1983
Cavett, Dick     
 Long Island’s Lighthouses
CinDel Productions & News12, 2001
Cook, Paul T.           
 From Montauk to...
Vantage Press, 2004
Crowley, Jim     
 Lighthouses of New York
Hope Farm Press, 2000
Clavin, Tom       
 Dark Noon: The Final Voyage of the Fishing Boat Pelican
International Marine/McGraw Hill, 2005
Cummings, Mary  
 Hurricane in the Hamptons, 1938
Arcadia Publishing, 2006
Daniels, Norton W. My East Hampton
Privately Printed, 1991
Drumm, Russell  
 In the Slick of the Cricket
Pushcart Press, 1997
Epstein, Jason and Barlow, Elizabeth      
 East Hampton: A History and Guide
Medway Press, Inc., 1975
Edwards,  Everett J. and  Rattray, Jeannette Edwards
 Whale Off! The Story of American Shore Whaling
Frederick A. Stokes Company,  1932
Ferguson, Eleanor F.   
 My Long Island
Scrub Oak Press, 1993
Filer, Hugh C.  
  Life in East Hampton Seventy Years Ago
 Privately Printed, 1967
Newsday  Long Island, Our Story
Newsday Inc., 1998
Healy, Clem 
 South Fork Cemeteries
Acadia Publishing, 2006
Krieg, Joann P.     
 Evoking a Sense of Place
Heart of the Lakes, 1988
Lamonaca, Marianne  
 Grand Hotels of the Jazz Age: the Architecture of Schultz & Weaver
Princeton Architectural Press, 2005
 The Salty Thumb: Your Garden by the Sea
Montauk Village Association, 1967
Miller, Mary E. Mulford   
 An East Hampton Childhood    
Star Press, 1938         
Monroe, Forest  
 Maid of Montauk
William R. Jenkins, 1902
Murphy, Robert
 Fish Shape Paumanok: Nature and Man on Long Island
American Philosophical Society, 1964
Osmers, Henry    
 American Gibraltar: Montauk and the Wars of America
Outskirts Press, Inc., 2011
Osmers, Henry    
 Living on the Edge: Life at the Montauk Point Lighthouse 1930-1945
Outskirts Press, Inc., 2009
Osmers, Henry       
 On Eagle's Beak: a History of the Montauk Point Lighthouse
Outskirts Press, 2008
Osmers, Henry  
 They Were Strangers: the Wreck of the John Milton at Montauk, New York
Outskirts Press, 2010
Prime, William
 The Old House by the River
Harper & Brothers, 1874
Parsons, Charles   
 Montauk Point, Long Island: an 1871 Visit
Harper’s Magazine, 1871
Porco, Joan Powers  
 Holding Back the Tide: the Thirty-Five Year  
Struggle to Save Montauk
Harbor Electronic Publishing, 2005
Rattray, Everett T.        The South Fork: The Land and the People of Eastern Long Island
Random House, 1979
Rattray, Jeannette Edwards Montauk: Three Centuries of Romance, Sport and Adventure
Star Press, 1938
Rattray, Jeannette Edwards Ship Ashore! A Record of Maritime Disasters Off Montauk and Eastern Long Island, 1640-1955
Coward, McCann, Inc., 1955
Sahre, Paul      
 Leisurama now: the beach house for everyone 1964-
Princeton Architectural Press, 2008
Schmitt, Frederick P. H. M. S. Culloden
Marine Historical Assoc., 1961
Stone, Gaynell, ed. 
 The History and Archaeology of the Montauk , Volume III
Suffolk County Archaeological Association, 1993
Nassau County Archaeological Committee
Strong, John A.
 The Montaukett Indians of Eastern Long Island
Syracuse University Press, 2001
Strong, John A.   
 We Are Still Here!”: the Algonquain Peoples of Long Island
Empire State Books, 1996
Strong, John A.  
 The Algonquain Peoples of Long Island From Earliest Times to 1700
Empire State Books, 1997
Winski, Peg
 Montauk: An Anecdotal History
Montauk Historical Society, 1997

Juvenile Books on Montauk & Long Island History:

 Cook, Paul T. The Adventures of Mon and Tauk
Vantage Press, 2005
 East Hampton Library 

The Children’s History of East Hampton
Guild Hall East Hampton, 2001

 Farrington, S. Kip  

Bill the Broadbill Swordfish
Coward McCann, Inc., 1942

 Grimshaw, Kenneth 

My Friend Michale: A True Story About The Real Jaws
Self published, 2010

 Kent, Zachary 

The Story of the Rough Riders
Children’s Press, 1991

 Klein, John F. 

A Day in the Life of a Commercial Fisherman
Gaskin, Carol Troll Associates, 1988

 Scarry, Huck  

Life on a Fishing Boat
Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1983

 Stoff, Joshua  

From Canoes to Cruisers: The Maritime Heritage of Long Island
Empire State Books, 1994

 Weiner, Sandra I Want to be a Fisherman
Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 1977
 Zim, Herbert S. 

Commercial Fishing
Krantz, Lucretia William Morrow & Company, 1973

 Moore, Eva  

Lucky Ducklings
Orchard Books, 2013